Mystic Journeys on Traveler​
Sailing charters out of Olympia Washington
Captain Scott Voltz
Connie Bunyer
 I’ve always loved open spaces and long vistas, where you can see far into the distance. Even better is to glide through those spaces, sailing ahead, around the next bend to new sights, new destinations.

Captain Scott has spent time on the water for over 40 yrs. From early years on rivers and lakes on small boats, to the last 27 yrs. on the Salish Sea on kayaks and sailboats ranging from 18' to the current vessel, a 42' Passport Cutter.  He has logged over 500 days at sea.  

While working at the University of Washington, he taught keelboat sailing there at the local student club, shepherding new sailors out onto the turbulent waters of Puget Sound. He outfitted the sailing vessel Traveler and sailed her through Pacific Mexico for four years before crossing the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii and on to Alaska before bringing her to Olympia.

Last year he acquired a Coast Guard Merchant Mariner License. After all the years on the water, it was rewarding to be accredited by the U.S. Coast Guard. Now he spends his time sharing the sailing life with guests and working with new sailors who dream of the sea.

First mate, Connie Bunyer, a.k.a., Cool Breeze, has enjoyed sailing in Washington, Alaska, Mexico and Canada with her husband, Captain Scott, since 2009. They’ve navigated the inland waters of the Salish Sea from Olympia, through the San Juans and Gulf Islands, to the northern tip of Vancouver Island. 

Living aboard their beloved cutter sloop, Traveler, in Mexico they sailed the Golfo de California, as far north as Isla Angel de la Guarda and Mexico’s Pacific coast as far south as Zihuatanejo. 

In 2016 she was crew aboard Traveler crossing the Pacific on the great circle route from Baja California to Ketchikan Alaska, a 7000 mile journey with a 2 month stopover exploring the Hawai’ian island chain. Her forte is the music she brings to elevate moral on long passages, her stamina on graveyard watches, her organizing ability in planning meals, and all other aspects of provisioning to keep passengers and crew safe and happy while aboard.  

Connie has a diverse musical background ranging from swing and blues to pan-Caribbean and folk. She will happily sing her latest song from the sea upon request! A seasoned entertainer, you can hear her perform, singing and playing ukulele and accordion in town at various venues. Or if you would like to tailor a special event aboard, Mystic Journeys would love to assist in realizing your ideas and making your dreams come true. Talk to us about birthdays, weddings, holidays, graduations, proms, team building, and client entertainment.